Review of The Citi Prepaid Card

By Gavin | July 26, 2018

Review of The Citi Prepaid Card

The Citi prepaid card is used by employers to issue payroll checks, which can reduce costs associated with payroll payments instead of being issued a paper check.

We're going to review the Citi prepaid card, the Citi prepaid card is used by employers to issue payroll checks, the ideas that organizations can reduce costs associated with payroll payments instead of being issued a paper check, your paycheck will be directly deposited to your Citi prepaid card, this is reported to give you faster and easier access to your money.

Citi bank works with the following types of organizations, government benefits payroll and pension payments, workers compensation emergency relief and higher education payments. If you are suffering from the expense of check cashing fees, this will eliminate that expense from your life, where is the Citibank prepaid card accepted for purchases, you can use your Citi prepaid card online over the phone and everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted, the only drawback of the Citibank prepaid card is that you cannot use it to purchase gasoline at the pump as of the publishing of this video, you will have to first prepay or go into the store and pay for your gasoline fees for the Citi prepaid card one dollar, and fifty cents domestic ATM withdrawal fee 3.50 sent for international ATM fee, three dollar account maintenance fee, $15 over the limit fee, and there are a few other miscellaneous fees, this is a prepaid card, so you will have to first deposit money on your account before you can use your card for purchases.

You're provided two methods to load or deposit money on your Citi prepaid card, the first is through direct deposit, however you cannot deposit money directly from your personal bank account, the second way is to transfer funds using the ACH system, you will be charged one dollar and fifty cents to use this, it will typically take two to three business days before your account is credited, you do have access to any ATM with the Visa logo on it, however, there is also a one dollar and fifty cent charge to use ATMs, you can use a Citi surcharge-free ATM, these are typically located at Citi Bank branch locations, money paths locations, Publix grocery stores and 7-eleven stores.

There is a three thousand dollar spending limit within a 72 hour period, however, you can contact the Citibank customer service team and requests an adjustment if your spending requirements are larger, this prepaid card will give you 24/7 online account access, it appears that this is a good card offer, however, we urge you to read all the fine print before you apply for the Citi prepaid card, it would be nice of Citibank published some additional information regarding their Perry paid payroll debit card, we want you to avoid discovering fees buried in the fine print of this prepaid card application, this card will help prevent you from going into debt, however unlike other prepaid credit cards with no fees, you can be charged and over the current over-the-limit fee of $15.

You will not build credit using the Citi prepaid card, this is because Citibank is not lending you money, therefore they have no information to report to the three major credit bureaus about your credit behavior, it appears that this prepaid card is primarily used with government agencies issuing payroll payments. you may want to consider some other prepaid card options before choosing the American Express, a prepaid debit card is one of the best on the market, the prepaid industry has exploded, and there are many choices with very customer friendly fee structures.