My Experience Donating Plasma | PrePaid CITI

By Gavin | July 26, 2018

My Experience Donating Plasma | PrePaid CITI

It is about my experience with donating plasma, it was really simple, it was time-consuming the first time, but it was easy and they made me feel really at ease, that was nice.

I just wanted to make a video about my experience with donating plasma, it was my first time doing it today, and I just wanted to make a video about it for anybody who doesn't know what to expect, what is thinking about doing it, maybe wants to know a little bit more about it.

I was really nervous at first, honestly like my heart was beating so fast in my chest, and I don't like needles, and I had to get my finger pricked, and then I had to get stabbed in the arm. But it wasn't as bad as I thought, it was going to be I've heard stories about people like getting sick or like being really dizzy, afterward I didn't have any of that, so no complications for me, that was good.

For my experience, what I did was I made an appointment beforehand, and I showed it for my appointment, and they just had me fill out some forms and read some stuff about possible complications and side effects stuff like that.

If you've ever donated blood, you probably familiar with those types of questions, they took me back, they took my weight, they gave me a finger prick to check my blood protein and stuff like that, and temperature, all that, then they go back and they give you a physical, so they just check your vitals, make sure that everything's okay, they ask you a bunch of questions, make sure that you're eligible to donate, but everybody seemed really nice, it was really simple, it was time-consuming the first time, but it was easy and they made me feel really at ease about us, that was nice, and then the time came they had to take me back to actually donate the plasma, and it was really weird when you go back there in the back, because it's basically a bunch of like chairs, and there are all these people sitting there with needles in their arms within tubes everywhere, so that was kind of weird. So you lay down and they stick the needle in your arm, and it's kind of bigger than a regular needle, but like I just didn't look at it, don't think about it, and it pinches but it's not too bad.

I give you a little thing that you're supposed to squeeze you like when you're getting the blood drawn from you, and then they put the red blood cells back in your arm, and so you just get to this or relaxed when it's doing that, and it's weird because they put a saline solution in, with it to sort of replace the plasma, and the saline solution is room temperature, so it feels really cold, it feels are super weird like you've got all this cold stuff running through your veins all of a sudden, it wasn't bad, it felt weird but it didn't hurt really, and then they gave me a Powerade afterwards and a little card that has my money on it for donating, and I have this fun red bandage, now my battle scar.

But I'm going to go again later this week, because you're supposed to donate twice or else they can't use the first donation, I don't know why, because they have to test it twice to make sure, I don't know, you'd have to ask them, but if you're thinking about donating and you're not sure, go for it, because there is a shortage of plasma, and they do use it to make medicines for people who need it, and it said that it takes like seven to ten donations or something like that, my numbers might be off seven to ten donations, just to make one dosage of the medication for the people that need it, so it's definitely a good cause, and you get paid for it, so if you're a broke college kid like me, you need the extra money definitely go for it, it wasn't nearly as scary as I thought, it was going to be I got kind of nervous, especially when it started feeling cold, it kind of freaked me out, a little bit, and it's weird because they use the same tube for both, they don't switch out the tubes when they're taking blood and when they're giving it back, the machine does it all, so there's not even really a person.

They're monitoring you, you're just hooked up to a machine, it's doing everything, and so when I started to feel cold, I looked at the tube and my blood was a lot paler, and I like kind of freaked out, a little bit, and called somebody over and I was like what is wrong with my blood, why is my blood so thin? Don't worry about it, it's mixed with the saline solution and we're putting it back in your body like it, it's fine, it's normal and I was like other than that, it was good, everybody was super nice if you decide that you want to donate plasma to make extra money or just you help a good cause, I say go for it, I do know some people who get dizzy afterwards or who feel nauseous, but that's not the norm, most people are fine, so I say go for it, give it a shot.