Free $25 into Your Citi Bank Account

By Gavin | July 30, 2019

Herewith rebates for and the deal today get $25 free into your Citi bank account.

Now the way this deal works is you have to have a Citi bank account and a MasterCard associated with the account, and as you can see here essentially when you purchase an item from a store on their list. I have a list here, they will credit you $25 to that account.


Get gift cards to stores that you purchase

First, let's go ahead and take a look at these stores, never wide variety, they don't have, there are some stores that they don't have, I don't think there was a Walmart in here. I got the double-check, but you're just TigerDirect a good one.

I'm heard of some of these, but they on Newegg, actually there's Evan of the video where I use Newegg, and this deal to get gift cards to stores that you might have heard of. I'm sure you've all heard of that one. It is directory here, absolutely thin academic ladder.

There's quite a few of them like I said, I went through them there are someones you don't like TigerDirect Burger King, there are dominoes in here, TigerDirect, see if I can find another one. As you can see there's a pretty big list, if you want to go through them go for it.

The checkout you make sure you use the sea ray

This is hopefully something you like, on there you could purchase, and once you do a purchase or you find a store that you do want to purchase something from when you go to checkout you make sure you use the sea ray here, you need to check out with the master pass.

It's an instead of using a like PayPal or something you use a master pass, and then you use your MasterCard card and also got a video here on my site, and it goes through how that process works.

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