Citibank Credit Card Price Rewind

By Gavin | July 30, 2019

This post is about something that I discovered when I apply for the Costco Visa Card, it's called price rewind. Price rewind is available to Citi cards, the press rewind, and benefit aim to give you the lowest price for something that you have purchased. How does it work?

First, you go to the store and you pay for the item using your Citi card, then you register your purchase by logging on to, they have a database of several items, and you match yours with whatever they have available in the database, and you enter how much you pay and where you bought it.


Tracking the item that you purchase for lower prices

Once you've registered your item, then you get an email indicating that they are tracking the item that you purchase for lower prices, if they find the item at a lower price then you get the difference. You can request this by check or by a credit to your account.

If you find a lower price on your own or if the item that you purchased is not in their database, then what you do is you submit a reimbursement request form which is found under or on their website, and you can request the refund as well.

As usual, there are exclusions and limits and for that, I suggest you go to for more information. If you don't have a Citi card you can still save money.

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